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Removalists For The Elite

June 14, 2019

There are many affordable removalists company such as Frog Furniture Removals in Sydney but what many do not know is that there is also a company that offers their services for the elite members of the society. Homeowners who have moved houses before know the struggle and pain of having to relocate from one place to another. it is not an experience you wanted to relive over and over again and something one wanted to avoid as much as possible. This experience has become less of a challenge ever since the birth of professional companies offering removal services.

If you have a lot of money though and is residing in the United Kingdom then you have nothing to worry about because there is a removal company just right for your needs and more. The company is called Move in Style and it was established by Suzanne Jarvis. It all started because of her passion to sift through things, sort out, edit wardrobes and organize them. Eventually her passion became the business she never expected.

Her job is to make sure her wealthy clients do not have anything to worry about once they decide to move houses. She handles everything from packing to setting everything up in their new house. It comes with a hefty price though because she charges at £25,000 and upwards for the personalized service.

Jarvis is currently based in Berkshire and when she started she found out how her business belongs in a niche market. She used to have an interior design firm but then clients started to request her services for when they move. They wanted to skip hiring a middle man to do the transitioning and prefer if she were the one to do it and hand them the house already settled and prepared as they move in.

The clients are paying her as she helps them pack from room to room – discarding what they do not need and keeping what are deemed necessary for the new house. For those living in Australia and looking for affordable services as they relocate, there are many options such as Frog Furniture Removals in Sydney which can also help from packing to moving.