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Report Says That Career Prospects For Digital Work Is Good

March 21, 2019

Michael Page, the international recruitment consultancy firm, released a report that’ll interest any employer and Thai recruitment agency; the Thailand Employment Outlook 2019 report.

According to Thailand Regional Director for Michael Page, KristofferPauldan, Thailand 4.0 will continue to positively impact Thailand and its workforce, noting a specific focus on developments regarding industrial automation, digitalisation, AI and the internet of things.

The report says that many a Thai recruitment agency and experts in these fields should look forward to lots of openings, thanks to heavy investment in them. Reportedly, Thailand’s e-commerce companies are seeing the biggest growth in numbers in Thailand, often looking for senior professionals with experience in dealing with online media, as well as digital and software development.

Additionally, the report notes that companies are competing to attract the best talent in digital in Thailand, which has resulted in a lot of changes and flow, with companies offering lucrative compensation packages to bring in people, like flexible benefits tailored for each recruit. These packages include benefits like annual leave, work from home, and even private medical arrangements.

A recommendation from the report is that job seekers develop their career options by getting to know the latest developments in emerging tech, like Big Data, IoT and the like. On top of that, the Thai talent race in the technology sector is expected to heat up in 2019, based on the increase in job postings in Thailand’s technology sector, which went up by 15% in 2018. For those looking to move jobs, people can expect an increase in salary of 20-25%, a premium value.

Kristoffer noted that Thai companies, as well as multinationals in the industrial space, are replacing expatriate employees with local talent as part of their effort to work on their succession planning as well as their knowledge transfer strategies. To that end, he advises that local professionals should look to work on their communications and leadership ability in order to advance to management positions.

On the employer’s side, Kristoffer advises that they need to take note of how well-educated millennial professionals will be more partial to start-ups and more recently established organisations, meaning that traditional firms have to find ways to effectively communicate their brand heritage.