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Scholarship For First Generation Students That Belongs To Low Income Families

April 25, 2017

It was in the late 1960s when David Rubenstein became a student of Duke University and he was the first in their family who was given the chance to attend college. His enrolment was made possible by the financial aid he received.

He is currently the chairman of Board of Trustees of the university and he decided to give a gift worth $20 million which will sponsor a one year old scholarship program to students who belong in the first generation with low income and have exhibit exceptional performance. The program will not be referred to as the David M. Rubenstein Scholars Program which will provide the students with academic experience along with developing their professional aside and enriching their personal growth. The program will cover the entire cost of the student who will avail of the education in Duke.

According to the president of Duke University, Richard H. Brodhead, David Rubenstein was able to appreciate the great education he got from Duke because of the scholarship that he was granted. After being assigned as the Board of Trustees chairman of Duke University, he fully understood how important it is for students to be given the chance to receive higher education. It does not matter what the financial status of the family where the student came from, as long as they are talented then great universities must welcome them with open arms. This ideal is embodied by Duke University and was me possible by the gift given by David.

The Rubenstein Scholars Program started only this year and was previously called Washington Duke Scholars Program – the name was derived from the Duke family’s patriarch which started the very idea of philanthropy in the university. The very first class received a total of thirty undergraduates. The scholarship includes a four-year scholarship that is loan-free as well as a summer academic experience to aid the students in their transition to the university. Within their four years at Duke, they will be given mentoring classes from faculty and peers. There are also other scholarships out there that aim to aid students such as the Scholarships for People with Glasses.