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Sedation Dentistry For People Who Suffer From Dental Phobia

July 22, 2019

The dental health as well as the overall health of a person can be affected because of the fear of dental procedures. Patients can be relaxed and comfortable through IV sedation dentistry which is one of the forms of sedation dentistry. Other sedation options include inhalation of nitrous oxide or laughing gas and oral sedative. The choice depends on the level of anxiety and general medical health

Patients with mild anxiety usually do well with nitrous oxide that will leave the system minutes after the source of gas has been turned off. This is a great option for individuals who have no one to accompany them to the dentist’s office. Nitrous oxide can be used on individuals who visit the dentist for routine hygiene requirements or simple dental procedures.

Patients who have moderate levels of anxiety may require an oral sedative to minimize the stress experienced before and after the treatment. In some instances, oral sedative is administered with nitrous oxide for a stronger effect. A companion is required in going to and fro the dental office.

IV sedation dentistry is used on patients with moderate to very high anxiety levels. The use of moderate to deep conscious sedation depends on the amount of sedation that the patient requires. It is common for a patient who was given IV sedation to have no memory of the dental treatment. In this modality, the patient maintains all his protective reflexes like breathing, coughing and response to verbal commands. It is important though to have a companion to and fro the dental visit.

General anesthesia is used on patients with certain disabilities and very challenging sedation requirements. After general anesthesia has been administered to the patient, he loses all his protective reflexes and will not respond to stimulation or verbal commands. Intubation may be required to maintain breathing.

If you have been traumatized because of a previous experience with a dentist, your best option is IV sedation dentistry so that work can be performed on your teeth. Sedation will help you feel relaxed, comfortable and less responsive to pain. Your dental fear will not become a barrier to having a beautiful and confident smile.