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Shipping Container To Answer Spain’s Housing Crisis

September 21, 2019

Many have seen how many parcels can fit inside the FTL dedicated truckload freight but have they seen a house made out of it? It is now a common sight in Barcelona after the government has decided to address its social housing problem in the form of shipping container homes. The city has already started with its program and the site is located close to La Rambla which is one of the most popular main roads in the heart of the city.

This is their answer to the pleas of the residents who are going to be thrown out of their house and their community as a result of gentrification. The site at CarrerNou de Sant Francesc will house 12 shipping containers which will be converted to small apartments. The narrow street is located to one of the most densely populated area in the district of Ciutat Vella.

Many criticized the container housing because it will ruin the city which is famous for its elegant landscape in an urban setting. Despite the initial rejection by the council of the proposition because they don’t want the tenants to be isolated by the public, the program was revived due to the emergent need. As of writing, there are about a thousand people who are already included in the emergency housing list.

Aprop, also known as local provisional housing, is the organization responsible for the container project. They are working alongside three architectural firms to make the project possible. Straddle3 is one of these firms and its architect, David Juarez, said that people might be surprised with the apartment they have designed because it is far from the shabby image that many are conjuring in their minds.

The container housing will follow the same standards set for conventional housing which means it will have sound insulation and good thermal system along with heating for the under floor. Once they are done with the project, even operators of FTL dedicated truckload freight will not be able to recognize that it was once a shipping container for transporting goods and materials. Despite the concerns, the architects are positive with the design they have come up with.