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Shortage Of Criminal Defence Lawyers May Jeopardize The British Justice System

March 13, 2020

In the criminal justice system, the criminal lawyer in Toronto protects the rights of the defendant while the prosecutor enforces the laws by trying to convict criminal offenders. The role of the judge is to serve as a neutral and unbiased decision maker. If you are a criminal defendant, it is important to hire a lawyer through to assist you in every step of the way.  

The representative body for solicitors in England and Wales warned that the shortage of criminal defence lawyers can jeopardize the British justice system. The Law Society has also cautioned that under the new government reforms, victims of crime may not get the justice they deserve while those accused of committing crimes can be deprived of fair trial.

The Ministry of Justice said that proposed reforms – the first in 25 years – will include an additional £32 million to £50 million to those that are providing legal aid like solicitors and barristers. However, experts in the legal profession quickly rejected the suggestion that the aid is adequate enough to address the scale of the problem. London’s Criminal Courts Solicitor’s Association call the proposed reforms as a “sticking plaster over a broken leg.”

Simon Davis, the president of Law Society has warned that criminal defence practitioners are under threat. If the package is not adjusted to address the urgency and depth of the crisis, extinction may happen in the near future. Large areas of the country do not have defence solicitors and this shortage can lead to injustice.

Shortage of criminal defence practitioners is not economically sound. If the criminal justice systems run efficiently, taxpayer’s money will be saved. Many lawyers no longer consider criminal defence as a viable career. Lawyers deal with serious cases with life-changing circumstances to victims, witnesses and defendants every day. It is crucial to ensure fair fees and deliver value to taxpayers.

It is important to protect the rights of a criminal defendant by being present during the police interrogation. It is also the responsibility of criminal lawyer in Toronto to gather evidence and interview witnesses to determine which legal defences will apply. The criminal lawyer will also be present during court hearings.