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Should Review Platforms Censor Fraudulent Reviews?

July 3, 2020

It is very likely that you have across several King Kong agency reviews online. Reviews are quite popular nowadays because consumers base their purchasing decisions on customer feedback. Reviews are also being searched by job seekers who want to learn more about a company before they send an application.

It may not seem right but according to new research, there are sites that collect reviews of businesses and products while ignoring the fake ones. Results from a study “A Tangled Web” Should Online Review Portals Display Fraudulent Reviews?” from researchers at Carnegie Mellon University and the University of Washington revealed that at least 85% of consumers like to choose whether fake review information can be incorporated in their purchase decision.

Consumers place more trust on the information provided by review portals that display both fraudulent and non-fraudulent reviews. They do not want the suspected fraudulent reviews to be censored. However, according to Beibei Li, chair at Anna Loomis McCandless and associate professor of IT and management at Carnegie Mellon, fraudulent reviews can impact on consumer decision-making because it increases uncertainties when evaluating product quality.

Consumers consult reviews before they decide on what and when to buy but this has resulted in the proliferation of fake ones. According to Professor Li, industry and media reports estimate fraudulent reviews between 15% and 30% of all posted.

Online platforms have different approaches to fake reviews. Google deletes them while Amazon censors them. Yelp prefers to publish fraudulent reviews with a note that they may be fake. Yelp data reveals that 80% of respondents to a survey trust platforms that publish but call out fake reviews. Consumers believe that businesses are less likely to rig the system. When fake reviews are called out for cheating, it becomes apparent to all the people that visit the review platform.

When current and previous employees leave positive King Kong agency reviews online, they enhance the credibility of the digital agency. It is the solution to talent shortages and skill gaps in the rapidly changing digital industry. Quality tech talents are in demand and reviews can help considerably in the decision making process.