Singapore Education Minister Says That Tuition Centres Shouldn’t Capitalize On Parent Anxieties Regarding Removed Exams

December 24, 2018

It’s profitable for any maths tuition Singapore, thanks to the country’s high cultural emphasis on academic performance. Recently, the country’s Ministry of Education had cut back examinations for students in the country, and tuition centers have responded by simulating exam-like conditions for students.

Minister Ong Ye Kung urged tuition centers to stop, believing that it’s preying on the fear of parents regarding the changes. He says that the centers should try to understand why the Ministry implemented these changes and why they’re important for preparing the country’s youth for the future.

To that end, he spoke on Oct 3 at the triennial Singapore International Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) Conference at the Raffles City Convention Centre.

A week prior to that public speech, the Ministry announced a slew of changes to be introduced into Singapore’s educational system over the next three years, which include, among other things, fewer mid-year examinations, abolishment of class rankings, and two test-free years for kids when they first start out at primary school. According to Mr. Ong, these changes are aimed at helping students becoming lifelong learners by letting them focus on their own learning progress.

Mr. Ong urged the many centers that handle student and maths tuition Singapore to not simulate exam-like conditions for students in order to compensate for the Ministry’s reduction, expressing beliefs that doing so would simply be preying on the fears and anxieties of students and parents.

He noted that these regulations were supported by schools, saying that the change is a concerted shift by Singapore’s education system, the principals and staff, Mr. Ong says, are glad that students have more time for learning and teaching.

Mr. Ong also stated that these changes do not mean that students do not need to study as much, and this wasn’t the country’s education system not slackening; in a message to students, the Education Minister stated that this extra time will be to teach them better, so that they can learn better.

Teachers, Mr. Ong elaborates, do not need to rush through the curriculum to prepare for any incoming examinations, so students can take this chance to study well, enjoy school and learn more.