Smart Helmet Equipped With Augemented Reality And Alexa

December 19, 2018

Technology has brought us a long way. It is now embedded in our daily lives and we surely can’t live without it. Every day, somewhere in the world, a new tech is being developed to be released to the world. It can be a miss or a hit depending on how the public receives it. When it comes to motorcycle riding, the motorbikes are not the only thing that has been improved with technology, the gears as well which we can see when shopping for motorcycle clothing online but what we did not expect is a motorcycle helmet that is above all others.

Basically, the general rule of thumb when purchasing a motorcycle helmet is that it should be comfortable, it should have a protective visor which means a full-face type and it should have a sturdy exterior that can withstand crash.

With technology, helmets now come with various accessories such as a microphone, a Bluetooth or a camera. When purchasing these accessories, they come separately and have to be fitted with your helmet. This struggle might be easier with the new helmet that was introduced to the market by Jarvish, a company based in Taiwan. According to them, their tech is the smartest motorcycle helmet in the world as of writing.

Jarvish announced that there will be two versions to be launched commercially – the X entry level and the second one is the X-AR. The two variations have exterior casing that is made of carbon fibre material. It also complies with the latest standards in the market – ECE 22.05, CNS and DOT.

The X model comes with a 2k front cam along with a set of speaker and microphone. It also responds to voice commands because it is equipped with Alexa. The helmet has noise cancellation feature and a built-in navigation system.

The second model, X-AR, comes with Augmented Reality projection and a backup camera. There is also a retractable display that shows important information such as speed and speed limit. This will go well with the latest motorcycle clothing online which will make motorcycle riding even better.