Some Basic Questions About Patenting An Idea Answered

February 11, 2019

If you have invented a new app or a device and want to protect the unique idea from competitors, patenting the new product is a way to do that. Patenting an invention provides the innovator with exclusive legal rights to manufacture or license it.

But most of the inventors are confused and have a lot of questions such as, how to patent an idea, can an idea be patented, do we need an attorney to file a patent and so on. Here are answers to some of the basic questions about patents.

Can an idea be patented?

No an idea cannot be patented. You have to produce an invention or provide detailed description about an invention to the patent office in order to get patent for the invention. You have to provide 3D models or a working prototype of the invention along with your patent application. It is true that all inventions start with a simple idea, but you have to develop your idea into a marketable product in order to apply for a patent.

Is hiring a patent attorney compulsory for filing a patent?

It is not necessary to hire a patent attorney to complete the process of patent application. You can do it by yourself, if you have knowledge about the patent process. However, preparing the patent application and conducting a patent search are highly specialized jobs. They can be handled well by professional patent attorney or patent agents. You can concentrate on making your invention fool proof while the attorney handles the legal procedures of patenting the invention.

How to patent an invention?

The process of patenting an invention is very long and cumbersome. It involves a lot of communication and paperwork. These are the five steps involved in the process of how to patent an idea or invention. Document each and every step in the process of converting your idea in to an invention. Prepare technical drawings, 3D designs or working prototypes of your invention. Decide what type of patent you require for your invention. Do market research and study the marketability and patent worthiness of your invention and finally prepare a patent application and submit it to the patent office.