South Africa Cannabis Expo Not For Smoking, According To Organizers

November 27, 2018

Early in December, from the 13th to 16th, South Africa will play host to The Cannabis Expo, to take place at the Time Square, Menlyn in Pretoria. For those who think that it’s a chance to get cannabis and get high, organizers have something to say.

Expo co-founder Silas Howarth, says that the cannabis industry, from the creation to Marijuana Rehab, is a serious business, and any items on sale, as well as the exhibits themselves are strictly legal. He adds that the products available in the expo range from products made from hemp, to medicinal products as well as bigger commercial enterprises.

According to Grand Review Research, the legal marijuana industry is expected to sit at $146.4bn by 2025. The research firm says that legal marijuana has been picking up traction across the world thanks to high demand from consumers, combined with increasing legalization of marijuana recreational or medical use, as well as developing safer forms of ingesting marijuana that reduces the risk of needing Marijuana Rehab, like tinctures, oils and edibles. The firm says that these factors are set positively reinforce market growth.

This is seen in the proliferation of cannabis expos and marijuana trade shows across the world in 2018; in several US states, Amsterdam, Athens, Canada, the Czech Republic, Spain, Switzerland and, now, South Africa.

Howarth says that the recent Constitutional Court ruling, which effectively legalizes the personal use of marijuana, which ruled that the laws that criminalize its private use and cultivation were an infringement on the right to privacy, made the expo easier to handle. He does reiterate that the expo is for the cannabis industry as a whole, not just its ‘recreational aspects’.

Howarth explains that the Cannabis Expo is a public exhibition, and, as such not a private space. The law in South Africa is very clear on prohibiting the public use of cannabis, so smoking or buying it at the expo is not allowed.

He says that the purpose of the expo will educate people on how to properly grow cannabis, now that the court ruling has made it legal, as well as the legalities of cannabis and its effects to health.