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Southwest Birmingham Residents Empowered To Solve Illegal Dumping Of Trash

January 31, 2020

Most cities have dumpsters where residents can dispose of their old mattresses, household garbage and junk. For hazardous items and construction materials, there are junk hauling companies to take care of the task so that residents will be safe from harm.

However, in southwest Birmingham, trash, household items like coaches, mattresses and bed frames are illegally dumped. To solve the problem of debris, Birmingham Mayor Randall Woodfin initiated the Dumpling Ugly Mess in My Yard (D.U.M.M.Y.) campaign to tackle illegal dumping of trash, an act that knowingly puts trash on public property or someone else’s property without any permission.

According to Mayor Woodfin, residents in the city of Birmingham are fed up with nasty people who are comfortable in the city that they illegally dump trash anywhere. For the first offence, violators will be fined $500 and $1,000 for the 2nd offense. The mayor is encouraging residents to report illegal dumping. They can take a picture or video of the violator including the vehicle the person used and sent it to the magistrate’s office at Birmingham Municipal Court Services Building.

Walker, a resident of Birmingham’s Wahouma neighbourhood is happy with the mayor’s action of combating the issue of illegal dumping and empowering its residents. Many people do not report violators because they assume that their complaints will fall on deaf ears. Right now, there is someone listening to residents.

The mayor wants the residents to be involved because he is willing to listen to complaints in order to have a clean neighbourhood. Majority of residents want a clean community and they are encouraged to call 311 and report illegal dumpsites. Aside from residents, property owners, developers, landlords, contractors and person’s improving their homes are included in responsible removal of trash and junk and transporting them to the proper facilities. The mayor believes that putting some power in the hands of residents can solve the problem of illegal dumping.

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