Spa With Hydrotherapy Sessions For The Newborn

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Spa With Hydrotherapy Sessions For The Newborn

In Perth, day spa has just been opened for babies. The Baby Spa Perth accepts newborn babies up to 6 months of age to enjoy the unique offerings of hydrotherapy sessions, baby massages and expert neonatal care inside a cocoon-like space.

Laura Sevenus, the founder of Baby Spa opened the first baby spa in the world in Kensington, London. Sevenus was rather passionate about swimming and knew of the benefits that water-based environments can provide for the newborn. Sevenus also opened her first swim school in South Africa in 1967 and later on established a postnatal water flotation for newborn babies.

The Baby Spa in Perth is an example of Sevenus’ passion for water-based playtime for babies. The baby spa is co-owned by sisters Kavita Kumar and Anita Yap Kumar who are also passionate about the health benefits that hydrotherapy can provide the newborn. Through baby hydrotherapy, the new born experiences a womb-like sensation.

If you want children to be confident in the water even before they experience swimming lessons, treat the child to hydrotherapy during the first few months of his life. According to child development expert, while the baby enjoys kicking around and floating in the waters, they learn how to control their movements to eventually support the ability to crawl, walk and swim.

In a country like Australia, it is very important for babies to be familiar with the waters because they will soon find themselves socializing around swimming pools and beaches.

At the Baby Spa, nurses on staff provide neonatal and pediatric care. They use BUBBLY, a patented flotation device made specifically for babies. During every visit, the weight of the baby is taken and then given a swim nappy. Once the baby enjoys floating in the purified waters, they get a massage combined with gentle exercises using South African seed grape. P

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