Streamline Your Tradeshow Logistics And Save Money

March 29, 2019

For your tradeshow logistics, you may choose an expert to transport the tradeshow booth display, collateral materials and product samples rather than doing it yourself. By hiring someone experienced in this job, you may realize a significant saving from your transport budget. You also make your own team of experts more focused on the marketing and sales of your event.

If you plan and organize ahead, you stretch out your money and avoid stressful tasks, including the last-minute and pre-show preparations. You don’t have to fret with what happens to the tradeshow logistics; instead, you can partner with an experienced provider to make a difference. Here are some tips on how you can prepare for your conventions, tradeshows, and other events you need to exhibit:

  • If you choose to hire a shipping company to transport your exhibit products, choose a provider that specializes in tradeshow logistics.


  • If the host has chosen a shipping company to be their event carrier, they may provide promotions, like extra moving services at reduced prices. You may want to compare these packages with other vendors.


  • Secure an insurance from the freight carrier.


  • You need to have a tracking code to locate your shipment on when they arrive. This will ensure that the tradeshow logistics will deliver your items on time.


  • Consolidate your shipments whenever required, so you find everything you need. If you need to keep them in a warehouse in advance, then ensure your provider has something prepared for you.


  • Have your exhibit assembled on time, especially before the start of the show. Ideally, check out everything if it’s complete before the tradeshow opens.

Furthermore, you need to coordinate with the drayage contractor for a more efficient, cost-effective tradeshow logistics program. If you want to know what drayage means, it’s moving exhibit materials in a short distance towards the exhibitor’s exhibit space.

The drayage contractor must know all details to handle all requirements and specifications of the exhibit products. In this case, they may require additional fees for the drayage service. If you’re a knowledgeable tradeshow logistics provider, you can reduce these fees by coordinating with a shipping facility.