Study Says Nighttime Exercises Are More Beneficial

April 25, 2019

Exercising is not easy. Sometimes it is easier to just slack off and let the day pass without exerting so much effort. This is not acceptable for an exercise physiology in Capalaba because they of all people know the importance of physical activity. There are recent developments as two more studies backed the claim that it is better to do exercises at night.

According to Gad Asher, the senior author who published one of the studies said that the circadian clock has a lot to do with the physiology of the human body as well as its metabolism. Asher’s research team is based in Israel’s Weizmann Institute of Science under the biomolecular sciences department.

He added that this fact is not only proven among humans but other organisms as well that are sensitive to lighting. Therefore they looked into the connection between the exercise and the time of the day it was done.

The study was conducted on mice by adjusting their hours similar to humans since they are nocturnal beings. The result is that exercising is better for the rodents during the nighttime. Along with this is the discovery that the mice have higher amount of ZMP which is a metabolite that regulates their metabolism. Scientist pinpointed to this compound as the main reason why mice performed better at night.

The scientists also conducted the same routine on 12 humans and ended up with the same findings. Humans have decreased oxygen consumption in the evening therefore exercising is more beneficial.

The second study conducted the same thing using mice but there is now more focus on their muscle tissue. There they found HIF-1a being activated as they perform physical activities. This study shows that it is best to exercise during late morning compared to evening. With both studies, nothing supported the claim that it is good to exercise upon waking up.

According to a supporting view of exercise physiology in Capalaba, there is nothing wrong with exercising anytime of the day but if you are not a morning person then there is no need to force yourself as you can always exercise during the night.