Study Shows That People Applying For Jobs Should Consider Their Social Media Presence

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Study Shows That People Applying For Jobs Should Consider Their Social Media Presence

A recent study conducted regarding online employment has discovered a new trend regarding social media, one that’s unlike the ice bucket challenge or the like. It seems social media is no longer just a place for people to share opinions, interests and experiences with other people, but now also a tool by companies. Not in the marketing, “social media tips” kind of way, but as an HR tool.

CareerBuilder, an online employment company, recently did a study on social media, and discovered that the majority of employers(70%) use it to evaluate applicants for their company, as well as to make considerations in their decision-making process. Back in 2016, they did a study on it as well, noting that only 60% of employers did it back then.

Ladan Hayes, one of CareerBuilder’s career advisors, says that employers are now looking people up on social media, which means that people need to be vigilant about what they do online, which is important since there’s data on the internet to back it up. People now need to consider how they present themselves on social media as a result, she says.

Professor David Harrison, business management, says that social media can now be helpful for applicants looking for employment through networking and affiliations, students in particular, since they expose people to more opportunities for employment. However, he also noted that the more recreational platforms, like Instagram and Twitter, could give a negative impression on employers.

He says that the most likely effect social media will have on employment is  negative, with social media likely to not have anything good to add on a portfolio, except a headshot in a proper suit and maybe some good things about a prior work. He says that companies do background searches on employees, with some using software to find “buzz words” in any particular applicant’s social media pages that may be inappropriate or offensive, which is why sticking to content approved by social media tips is wise.

Advertising Professor Angeline Close Scheinbaum, author of the book “The Dark Side of Social Media”, says that a lot of people don’t think about what they post on social media when they post it, which, years later, can come back to bite them, costing them their jobs.

Public posts are open to view for anyone, and Scheinbaum says that part of the reason people don’t really care for it is because, if they get fired because of them, they receive a generic letter. People miss out thanks to social media, but they will never be aware of the fact.