Sydney Office Landlords Embracing Green Construction

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Sydney Office Landlords Embracing Green Construction

Australia’s construction companies, from interior designers, and flooring specialists in Sydney , have been embracing sustainable construction, with one of the newest and biggest office development, the proposed 55-level Circular Quay Tower, following suit.

The Circular Quay Tower, designed by Foster + Partners, will be the centrepiece of the Circular Quay precinct, and is aimed at a six-star Green Star certification and a five-star NABERs Energy rating. Currently, demolition is underway and construction is set to start within the next few months.

Project Director Kimberley Jackson says that they’re looking at the construction and elements like air quality and water supply, making sure that any materials used will result in the best energy efficiency and environmental quality. Even smaller details like window tinting are being taken into account.

Developer Lendlease are aiming to qualify for all of the top green markers, the new $1.6 billion tower and is seet to another key member of the Green Building Council of Australia (GBCA), and its goal to ensure Sydney stays as one of the world leaders in environmental sustainability. According to GBCA CEO RomilyMadew, their six-star buildings represent what they consider as world leadership in building environments and flagship developments not just for developers and Australia, but for the world’s best practices.

According to Madew, investors, tenants, building owners, construction firms and flooring specialists in Sydney are embracing green construction, with an increase in Green-Star certified space increasing by 93% since the end of 2015, with 37% of all office space in the AU green-rated, which amounts to 28.5 million m2 of space.

Even older buildings are being renovated or refitted in order to meet the more environmentally conscious standards, meaning that there is a lot of potential in green construction increases in the future. Companies are also taking interest in high-performing buildings, which have been shown to provide better conditions for workers, improving worker health, and satisfaction, which, in turn, increases productivity and retention rates.

JLA Australia’s Head of Leasing, Tim O’Connor has seen this shift first hand, saying that there’s now emphasis on wellness within a development, with features like natural lighting, fresh air, fitness options and the like. He points to Barangaroo as an example of places where people want to be.