Tattoo Artists Prefer Unique And Original Art As A Form Of Expression

January 4, 2019

Tattoos look awesome that is why almost everyone is having them on their skins. Usually the design has a special meaning or expresses a unique personality. However, when you have a job interview coming up, you may want to use tattoo cover up makeup for a short while. The right make up product will make you feel more confident and comfortable that the tattoo is not showing.

Surprisingly, there are some tattoo designs that tattoo artists would not rather do. Tattoo artists prefer creative and unique art designs for their clients. Originality is very important because it allows the client to express his own personality. According to tattoo expert Lisa Barretta, they do not like flash art because it is stereotype and lacks originality.

Nick Santiago of Black Sparrow Tattoo Studio discourages people from white ink tattoos because they do not heal well. By the time that the ink heals, the design may no longer be visible because white is not in full contrast unlike the standard tattoo ink. Even if the tattoo remains after healing, is can drastically change with age.

One word tattoos are not artistic and will not create a unique way of expressing oneself. It is better to think outside the box is you want a tattoo that is original and unique. Infinity tattoos are too simple and overdone. There are other ways to express something that will last forever.

When you are in love, having the partner’s name tattooed on the skin seems like a good idea. However, you may need to reconsider the use of permanent ink because the ex’s name is the most common tattoo removed through laser surgery.

Finger tattoos do not last as long as you want them to because the hands are washed frequently. The skin on the fingers does not have as much fat as other parts of the body and increases the chances of fading.

It is pretty easy to conceal a tattoo through tattoo cover up makeup that comes in different shades to complement the skin tone. A seamless finish can be achieved by using a makeup blender similar to what is usually used on the face.