Team Building Encouraged Through Music

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Team Building Encouraged Through Music

Majority of team building nowadays are organized outdoors but there are indoor team building activities that could be done inside closed spaces. These events are encouraged by employers in order to help the employees come together as a team. These are done to improve teamwork and organizations often organize day trips and outdoor activities including paintball and rope courses.

Jennifer Cohen, a teacher based in Rutland, is using a unique medium to foster team building as well as improve communication skills – music.

Cohen said that she knows how to play various types of instruments such as steel drums, piano, violin and viola. She reiterated the words steel drums after disbelief of those who heard.

She enrolled in a summer course during her college years and this is when she learned how to make music with steel drums. She fell in love with playing them that she decided to buy her own set. As soon as you set inside her living area, the first thing you will set eyes on is the drums in blue and silver colours.

Cohen explained that the two drums in the front are referred to as the lead tenors. Those are the ones responsible in creating high-pitched melodies.

The double are located at the back of the tenor drums along with the triple cellos and the 55 gallons bass drums which come in a set of four.

Cohen started a business called Calypso Consulting and her steel drums are the main focus as she uses it to build teamwork and bonding between groups of people in social groups, non-profits, businesses and schools.

She was laughing about the idea that not many will believe that Bob Marley music could foster team building. She added that making music is one of the best ways for a group of people to come together. Steel drums are the best instrument because it can create tone in an instant, it is appealing and cool.

This is one of the options for indoor team building activities because even those who are not musically inclined will be encouraged to try the steel drums.