Tens Machine: A Brief Overview

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Tens Machine: A Brief Overview

Tens units make use of electric impulses, which are said to aid in the elimination of muscle contraction. Healthcare professionals strongly advise their patients to make use of EMPI tens unit especially for those who are enrolled in strength training programs. The use of Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS) has shown positive results. The good thing about this therapeutic treatment is that it does not come with debilitating side-effects, unlike that of what is seen in other treatment options. This is often used as a solution for pain management; people who suffer from painful musculoskeletal issues can benefit from TENS units.This technology is deemed safe by the FDA.

Buying a Tens Unit

Before buying a tens machine online, take note that these machines differ from one another in several ways. For one, you will discover that this is sold under different brands. This alone could already overwhelm you. Stick to a brand that is considered reputable. This way, you can be sure that you are buying a reliable tens machine. The machine should come with warranty. A long warranty is considered good since this only indicates that the manufacturer trusts their product. See the reviews online about the manufacturer when planning on buying a tens machine online. If there are negative reviews about it, look for another brand instead. You also need to check out if these come with valuable freebies that other providers would let you buy separately. It’s more economical to buy the ones that come with spare parts. You will notice that controls would be different from one another. Consider choices that have cover over the controls so that you won’t have accidental adjustments on the settings. Tens units come with LCD displays. This should be clear enough for easy reading.

Benefits of TENS Technology

Aside from pain management, TENS technology is valued today in the health field because it provides several benefits. This technology is said to help in muscle retraining, helping correct nerve function. Some users make use of a tens machine as a massager. A research conducted by the University of Washington has shown that this could help ease inflamed muscles. Its use has also been associated to recovery from the phobia that often comes during rehabilitation.