The Importance Of Being Proactive With Boiler Maintenance

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The Importance Of Being Proactive With Boiler Maintenance

When it comes to boilers, preventive maintenance is very critical. In St. Louis City, when a boiler exploded at a box manufacturing plant, debris reached several blocks. The vessel was a hot water storage tank known as a semi-closed receiver (SCR) and part of the steam generator system that serves a similar purpose as a boiler.

During the explosion, the tank was launched 500 feet into the air and then crushed on the roof of a medical laundry company located across the street. Several pedestrians who were on the street during the explosion including an employee of the box company were killed while some were in a semi-critical condition. A pipe that measures 8 feet long pierced the roof of another building knocking down its sprinkler system.

It was unclear on what was the real reason for the boiler explosion but based on initial reports, the blast was an accident. Local authorities and OSHA will also be conducting their own investigation. It is expected that they will review the inspection and maintenance records of the boiler. The US Chemical Safety Board is also sending a team to undertake investigations; however, it could months for the investigations to be completed.

The box manufacturer has already been cited by the US Department of Labor Occupational Safety and Health Administration for 3 times since 2014 due to safety violations. The company complied once the issues were addressed and paid a penalty of $12,700.

Over the years, investigations of boiler explosions revealed that the most common reasons include lack of knowledge, training, proper inspection and maintenance. Laws and codes on boiler operation are not fully enforced. The right to do is to be proactive when it comes to boiler maintenance and implementation of safety programs to prevent the loss of lives, damage to properties and serious injuries.

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