The Increasing Number Of Students Using Covert Earpiece To Cheat During Exams

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The Increasing Number Of Students Using Covert Earpiece To Cheat During Exams

According to Freedom of Information request, there was a 42% increase in the number of students using covert earpiece to cheat during examinations since 2012. In 2016, 210 students were found out using the covert devices. In fact, the devices can easily be purchased online for as low as $13.99 (£11).

According to experts, they expect that there will be more incidences of cheating during examinations because the devices have become rather sophisticated to reduce the chances of being caught. According to the Freedom of Information request made by The Guardian, 1 in 4 students are caught cheating using electronics like mobile phones, smart watches and recently the earpieces.

Irene Glendinning, academic manager of Conventry University said it is difficult to catch a student cheating when the ear piece is used not unless another student reports the situation. If the student sports long hair, there is no way for the teacher to know that he is cheating because the device is so tiny that it easily fits the ear canal.

91 cases of cheating have been reported by Newcastle University with 43% involving technology. It was also found out through the Freedom of Information request that cheating is most common in subjects like math and science. These figures only represent those that have been detected and not the actual number of students who are using technology to cheat.

Cheating is not only prevalent on university students. In a 2015 study, it was revealed that 11% of students have cheated during public exams. The Study Room survey reported that 1 in 10 GCSE, A-levels and university students have admitted to cheating during their final year in school. It is very difficult to spot the covert earpiece and the Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education said they are going to look closely at the situation.

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