The List Of Don’ts When Visiting Phuket

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The List Of Don’ts When Visiting Phuket

Tourists who are vacationing and staying at private suites & villas in Phuket for the first time should know the dos and don’ts of the island. While the most common items are listed in many articles found online, this article will tackle topics coming from a local’s point of view.

The first on the list of things to avoid is swimming on the beach during the low season. This is because of the number of drowning cases because tourists are not aware of the risks especially on the west coast of the island. This is more common during the west season because of the presence of the south western monsoon which brings big waves into the beaches.

One of the most common things you will see around Phuket is locals and tourists riding motorbikes. Majority of tourists are tempted to hire one because there are many motorbike shops in the island and they can hire easily with just their passports as proof. The problem is that not everyone knows that the roads in Thailand are considered to be one of the most dangerous in the world. If you have never drove a motorbike before and your insurance will not cover the cost in case you get into an accident, then this is not worth trying.

You might be tempted to visit Tiger Kingdom with hopes of posting a selfie with the beast but remember that these are wild animals. They are not meant to be tamed and a single wrong move may result to long-term injuries. The most common species found in Thailand is the Indochinese Tiger which is considered to be a hunter therefore it is best to stay aware from these wild beasts.

If you are traveling with kids, do not take them to Phuket Zoo because the experience will not be worth it. Reading the comments alone of previous visitors posted at the TripAdvisor website, you will know to steer clear from this place.

Many people visiting the island are booking private suites & villas in Phuket. They spend hours researching for the best accommodations but they are not aware that it is not recommended to ride an elephant. This is a common attraction for tourists but people are not aware of the actual condition of the animals and how they are maltreated just to earn money.