The Liveaboard Diving In Thailand Advantages

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The Liveaboard Diving In Thailand Advantages

Liveaborad diving is taking divers all over the world by storm and where else can diving enthusiasts find a suitable diving spot but in a tropical country such as Thailand in Southeast Asia. The country is surrounded by crystal clear waters with rich marine life. To top it all, the country only has two seasons making most months of the year ideal for diving expeditions. Because of these factors, liveaboard diving in Thailand is one of the most popular activities in the country. Some of the notable advantages of liveaboarding includes the following.

Diving with nature tripping

Liveaboard diving means you get to be in a cruising sailboat or houseboat for a day up to 9 days, depending on your booking preference. Aside from getting multiple dives in a day, you also get to visit different islands around Similan or around your target diving spot. You also get to have numerous stopovers in beaches where you can enjoy its powdery white sand and clear waters. The islands and beaches have entrance fees and they can be costly if you are going to visit them outside of the package.

Affordable and budget-friendly

Diving is an expensive hobby. You have to think about expensive gears and gadgets that you need to have for a safer and more enjoyable adventure. The good thing about this type of adventure is that you won’t need to spend a lot for it. With liveaboard diving in Thailand,you can customize a package based on your budget. There are different packages for you to choose from including the number of days that you want to stay on adventure.No matter what type of accommodation you are going to choose, you can never be wrong with this enjoyable and luxurious diving experience.

Meet new friends

Depending on the type of package that you are going to pick, a single liveaboarding trip can have several divers. A single trip can have an average of 12-24 divers which means that you can have a better chance of meeting new people. This is an ideal venue for socializing. There are liveaboard diving in Thailand that offers night diving and parties at night for your enjoyment.