The New Generation Of Smart Communicating Connectors

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The New Generation Of Smart Communicating Connectors

Engineers all over the world generally use coupling connector in air and fluid handling applications because it easy to use and gets the job done. There are various configurations, sizes and materials including design considerations to increase equipment safety and enhance equipment modularity. No matter the application, there is always a connector that can deliver exactly what you require.

There is a new generation of “smart” tubing connectors that handles both fluids and back-and-forth flow of data. These connectors rely on radio frequency (RF) communication to successfully improve equipment performance, prevent human error and capture fluid and product data. Communication between fluid lines and machines are very useful particularly for critical applications.

For example, fluid connectors will allow communication between fluid lines and machines that deliver high value consumables through tubing to equipment like 3D printers or medical laboratory testing machines. Tubing can come in the form of bottles, bags and other containers or transfer devices. At its most basic, if the connector has the ability to communicate, it will be able to identify and authorize the correct connecting port.

Proper identification of connecting port will reduce simple connection errors usually caused by human handling. Communicating connectors can wirelessly transmit data to a computer for recording, access and analysis.

Tasks that the communicating connector can undertake include being able to determine whether the fluid connector is connected to the right brand of consumable that the machine is designed for, whether the container has passed its expiration date, whether there is sufficient amount of material in the container to complete the process without interruptions and whether the material is stored under the most favourable environmental conditions.

In the communicating connector, coupling body is usually a part of the machine while the insert is part of the fluid container or source. The requirements of the application will determine how the two connector parts can start communication.

There is a wide range of coupling connector that is designed o deliver the requirements of your application. For example, there are general purpose coupling connectors that deliver excellent flow in spite of their compact size. Safe and easy transfer of fluid is guaranteed with protection to reduce wastage of costly products.