The True Meaning Of Rugby Exhibition Games

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The True Meaning Of Rugby Exhibition Games

When Liverpool made a fly-in fly-out visit to Sydney to play an exhibition game with Sydney FC, it drew different reactions; however, what is important is the impact for sports economy. Sales of NRL merchandise increased and provided more jobs for the staff of the sport’s suppliers. Food businesses experienced brisk sales while security and ground staff gained extra shifts.

There is no confirmation that airlines saw a spike in travel but hotel rooms were fully booked and restaurants likely got a boost. Car hire operators were very busy while stadium advertisers got more bang for their buck. Collectively, the A-League clubs probably earned millions of dollars in fees to play in the exhibition game against Liverpool. In the saturated media market, exhibition games participated in by the big names like McManaman and Gerrard gave NRL the publicity at a time of the year when AFL and NRL need great influence.

However, some to the responses to the exhibition game were preposterous. They considered Liverpool’s late arrival on the morning of the show as disrespectful. Some people felt insulted that Liverpool had to field retired Red legends. The prices of the tickets were quite high and it seemed that there was very little effort to gain a healthy profit.

On the other hand, exhibition games mean nothing except to provide some thrill to rugby fans. Very few teams take these exhibition games seriously particularly since Liverpool came right after the gruelling English Premier League season. Players do not really try to work so hard because they do not want to risk injury. Players do not use exhibitions games to impress.

Many of those in the 73 thousand plus fans that watched the games wanted the rare chance to see Liverpool play. The old superstars playing were a plus factor because many of the old folks were able to relive their youth and share their reminiscences.

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