The Various Perks Enjoyed By An Elite Traveller

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The Various Perks Enjoyed By An Elite Traveller

Summer travel is not always fun because you find yourself stuck in long security lines and compressed in cramped seats. However, if you are a frequent traveller or you are willing to pay extra, there are perks available including upgrade to first class seats, airport lounges and free breakfast in the hotel.

The Associated Press sent two of its journalists on a 2-day visit to Orlando, Florida to determine whether the benefits are worth the cost. Scott Mayerowitz who has been covering the airline industry has elite status with airlines, hotels and car rental companies. He has a 5-year membership with Transportation Security Administration that allows him the use of fast-track lanes at the airport security. With his premium credit card for frequent travellers, Scott was allowed in the airport lounge.

On the other hand, Candice Choi did not have any perks although she covers the food industry. Scott was able to save 45 minutes in waiting at the lines in the airport, avoided the crowds and enjoyed free food. Scott’s biggest advantage was time savings.

Scott got out of the TSA checkpoint in 2 minutes without removing his shoes. His laptop stayed with him because his Global Entry program membership included expedited screening. Candice took 15 minutes through security screening and had to remove her shoes and jacket.

At the airport, Scott took advantage of free Wi-Fi, newspapers and breakfast at the airport lounge. Candice found herself a seat with a table with outlets for recharging phones and a tablet for ordering food and gaining flight updates.

At the hotel, Scott was given a corner room at the 26th floor with floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking the city. He enjoyed access to free breakfast and drinks and the night-time happy hour with complimentary beer, wine and desserts. Candice did not enjoy any perks but she had a room with comparable furnishings, no free breakfast, no big windows and no view.

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