Tile Industry Welcomes Tech For Slip Resistance

May 16, 2019

Many years ago, tiles are only used for flooring but now it can be installed in other parts of the house too. For instance, there are now wall tiles which started the trend of kitchen splashback tiles mosaic because of its unique setting compared to regular tiling. Tiles are one of the most common materials chosen by homeowners because of its benefits such as durability and price but it also has a few disadvantages. One of its biggest faults is that it tends to get slippery and sometimes it can easily chip.

In a recent innovation by Mohawk, they have developed the StepWise and are just waiting for the patent. The innovation helps solve the problem of slipping and it is compatible with materials such as ceramic tiles. The technology was recently featured at the Coverings 2019 where it was displayed to show how it can be useful in a commercial setting. Basically, there are four main benefits into using this new StepWise:

First, the installation is not hard to clean. For tiles that are meant to be used outdoors, the top is not the usual smooth because it needs grit to avoid accidents. The downside is that cleanup is not as easy as the simple mop. With the help of the StepWise technology, the surface of the tiles will remain smooth and it is not hard to maintain. For cleaning, it only needs water along with mild cleanser.

Second, a tile with StepWise gives it a slip resistant. Once the tiles have dried up, it is easier to determine which tiles have used the technology and which ones are the same. During wet conditions, the resistance applied can be more evident.

Third, there are tiles that can be used outdoors because it can weather the storm. The tile needs to have traction of more than 0.6 in order to be granted for use outdoors.

Lastly, the technology which is StepWise is indeed useful because it is equipped into the tile. It is not like a simple topical cream that can be easily removed nor will it last forever when used on the product. Itcan be used as kitchen splashback tile mosaic because it is quite versatile.