Tips On Where You Can Purchase A Diamond Ring In Thailand

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Tips On Where You Can Purchase A Diamond Ring In Thailand

If you are thinking about buying a diamond ring in Thailand, one of the things that you should check is where you can buy high quality diamonds without breaking the bank. You can buy diamonds in Thailand and in its major cities such as Bangkok.But one thing that you should know is that diamonds are not cheaper in Thailand. The country is not one of the major diamond trading areas like Hong Kong, Antwerp or New York. If you want to find cheaper diamond rings, you have better chances of finding more affordable diamonds in Mumbai or Tel Aviv. Diamonds are subject to 7% Value Added Tax in Thailand. All in all, the price ranges of diamonds in Thailand are similar with the prices in other countries after tax is imposed.

These are factual information and should not keep you from buying a diamond in Thailand if you want to have it cheaper. This article serves as a buying guide for those who are planning to purchase diamonds in Thailand. So if you are in Thailand, you might as well buy your diamond ring in the country since there is not much difference if you buy it somewhere else.

So if you want to buy a diamond ring in Thailand, visit popular jewellery shops around Bangkok. You can find a lot of online suppliers and if you intend to purchase a diamond online, make it a point to verify the supplier to ensure that you will buy from a legitimate supplier. You don’t have to be an expert to buy high quality diamonds but you will certainly need the guidance of an expert or even basic information to buy the right set.

Aside from physicalshops, you can also check from online shops in Bangkok or in Thailand where you can have a diamond ring in Thailand. Read forums and discussions boards for ideas. Look for a GIA certificate before buying a diamond ring. Only buy from a reputable supplierand ensure that diamond is authentic and conflict-free.