Business Harassment Service Tips

Tips To Deal With Workplace Harassment

December 15, 2019

Harassment is using offensive jokes, name calling, insults, slurs, physical threats and other intimidating behavior to threaten a person. Harassment is common at workspaces but studies state that 90 percent of these workplace harassment cases are never reported.

However, it is important to know that workplace harassment can be reported. You can consult your company’s HR or legal team, or consult an assault lawyer to know about your rights and ways to deal with workplace harassment.

Here are some important tips to handle harassment at your workplace.

  • Report the Incident

It is crucial to report any incident that amounts to harassment, immediately to your employer. You can approach the HR team, talk to your supervisor or consult the person who is designated to deal with harassment incidents. If your employer has a policy for reporting harassment, make sure to follow it. Always keep a copy of the report and any communication from your employer.

  • Write Down the Incident

Whenever you are subjected to harassment, note down the incident immediately. Be very specific and include details such as the time, place, date, witness and describe the incident in detail. Also mention whom you reported the incident and what the persons response. Keep the written record at a safe place and ensure that you can access the document whenever required.

  • Speak to Your Co-Workers

If you suspect that your co-workers are also subjected to harassment, speak to them and ask them to report the incident. Speak to your witnesses and gather support.

  • Speak to an Assault Lawyer

If you do not trust your company’s internal process to deal with harassment, consult a reputed assault lawyer, who has experience in handling cases of workplace harassment. The lawyer will guide you about filing a case with the EEOC or in the court of law.

  • Seek Support

Support from family and friends will help you to cope with the after-effects of harassment. Seeking support will help you understand that you are not alone and help you in the legal case.

It is important to report workplace harassment and stand up against it. You have to report the incident to your company’s internal team or consult an assault lawyer to fight a legal case.