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Top Thailand Developer Makes Phuket City World-Class Destination

June 1, 2019

Phuket, Thailand – A top Thailand property developer lately launched Phuket’s brand-new luxury zone, featuring stores of world-class brands at this capital city’s main business center.

The developer, CPN or Central Pattana Plc, operates shopping center Central Phuket, first store-locators of which carry high-end brands.

A Complement to the Tourism Industry

This development provides upscale shopping and lifestyle sense, which complements the brisk expansion and huge requirement by the more elite and sophisticated foreign tourists. This also complements the country’s tourism industry as it transforms Phuket City into a world-class lifestyle destination. This resort city could now be compared to Southeast France’s French Reviera known for amazing seaside and charming medieval towns, and Miami, Florida in the US which entices with its boat shows, art festivals, modern malls, and food feasts.

With famous celebrities, actors and actresses in attendance, Central Phuket featured a grand celebration dubbed “The Unveiling of the New World of Luxury” which spotlighted a prestigious exhibition, the “Universe of Sirivannavari: The First View from Paris to Phuket.” Her Royal Highness Princess Sirivannavari Nariratana graciously allowed the very first time holding of the exhibit at the Central Phuket Florestain Thailand from April 28 until May 26 this year.

CPN’s Deputy Chief Executive Officer Ms. Wallaya Chirathivat, stated that being an international player, the company seeks to make Central Phuket one of the world’s most complete tourist stop. She cited that ‘The Magnitude of Luxury & Leisure Resort Shopping Destination’ in the form of a ‘Beach Lifestyle’, is the concept held by the company.Further she said that the concept matches the fact that beach city Phuket is comparable to others of the same category in the world. She expressed appreciation to the world brands that trust in the project, being the first high-end mall outside Bangkok.

Hotel in Phuket Project

The shaping of Phuket City as a world-class destination would open to other business opportunities, and this is the opening of hotel in Phuket projects.It should be noted that TosChirathivat, Chief Executive of the Central Group retail business, said his company is investing in Phuket because of the huge potential brought by the tourism industry. Further, he said that his company is eyeing Vietnam for a hotel business because of the country’s booming tourism.

Reading between the lines,it may not be far that his group and other investors will put up luxury hotel in Phuket projects to keep up and complement the booming Phuket tourism business.