Tough Challenges For Apple Subscription Gaming Service

February 8, 2019

Many people are asking whether they can buy games for cheap prices. Video games are expensive particularly those that have been recently released. Generally, CD keys for downloadable games are cheaper because manufacturers do not have to spend for packaging and storage. However, when game stores have to reduce their stock because of lack of storage space, the boxed games are offered for better prices.

Meanwhile, a report from Cheddar revealed that Apple is planning for a subscription gaming service. Since it is apparently in the early stages of development, there is no news of what the specifics would look like, how much it is priced and what is included.

It is somewhat safe to assume that the core of Apple subscription gaming service will be IOS games on the Mac. Gaming on Mac exists but it is rather small by comparison. Since Mac games are sold outside of the Mac App Store, a Mac-only game subscription will not do well. An even smaller market is gaming on Apple TV. Most of the action can be found on IOS but most of the games are paid apps. The games that people download and play are frequently the freemium games.

If you will look closely, Apple does not maintain a single top list; instead there are separate lists for free and paid games. The top games for 2018 include Minecraft which is the second best selling IOS game. Most of the free games that gained popularity are supported by in-app purchases from an expendable source like gems or V-bucks.

If Apple desires a meaningful influx of virtual currency at frequent intervals, the best solution is to work out a deal with top game publishers that will provide quality and popular games for subscribers. However, will Apple be able to convince mobile game makers to create games that people really want to play?

Game subscription services are considered good deals because people can buy games for cheap through discounts on purchases of games or in-game content. Game subscription services encourage people by pricing their games very low or including as many games as possible on the in-app purchase rewards.