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UK Government Putting £40 Million Of Funding For 5G Trials In Manufacturing And Logistics

June 22, 2019

The UK government has recently announced a £200 million programme aimed at funding 4G and 5G technology. There is some good news for companies like Blue Lion Logistics, as the UK government set aside an addition £40 million in funding 5G testbeds in new industries as part of the aforementioned programme.

On top of the additional financial support, the government has also stated that it will look at proposals for simplifying planning processes in the country in order to support the rollout of 4G, as well as speed along the introduction of 5G.

So far, the government’s support of 5G testbeds and trials  have been focused on broadcasting, healthcare, tourism and transport sectors, the next set will be focused on providing support for 5G testing in the fields of manufacturing and logistics, as reported by UK Digital Secretary Jeremy Wright.

The projects will be aimed at exploring how 5G can improve these sectors, and, by extension, what they provide towards the UK economy.

The trials will cover a wide range of manufacturing processes, including road, air, and sea-based freight logistics, to the potential benefit of companies like Blue Lion Logistics, with bids for the projects to open later in 2019.

Wright even issued a statement on the programme, saying that, as part of the UK government’s modern industrial strategy, they’re working to ensure that the country has a telecomm infrastructure that’s ready for future developments. He explains that 5G is more than just providing connection to consumers, it can also be used to improve the industrial sectors’ growth and productivity, which is why they’re looking forward to developing new trials in industries like manufacturing and logistics, which stand to gain a lot from 5G technology.

Part of the programme is smoothing the way for the implementation of 5G technology, including breaking down obstacles that could impede deployment, as well as creating an economy that attracts investments towards better network coverage.

A notable part of this programme is making new spectrums available for the government in order to improve mobile connectivity. The Ministry of Defence is partnering up with DCMS in order to make 168MHz spectrum available, in order to better facilitate the deployment of networks in the UK.