Useful Tips Before Hiring A Skip Bin

November 21, 2018

Skip bin hire is the best solution for a homeowner to clean up the property after undertaking renovation or de-cluttering. It is also the most ideal way to dispose of damaged stuff after a storm. To put it simply, skip bin hire is the best option to get rid of all types of waste except hazardous waste that have been generated for both residential and commercial properties.

However, before you hire a skip bin, make sure you have a council permit depending on where the bin will be placed. The process of getting a permit varies from council to council because they have their own set of specific requirements on the proper areas where the bins can be placed.

It is suggested to explore the different types and sizes of skip bins available to be able to narrow down the requirements in seeking a permit based on the type, size and location. The need to get a permit from the council is eliminated if the skip bin will be placed on your property. However, if you live in an apartment or unit that does not have a driveway or yard, your best option is to ask the neighbour if they will allow the skip bin to be placed on their property.

Roads and streets are public property and you obviously need permission for a skip bin. If there is nature strip which is a piece of land that is between the front boundary and the street or a footpath, you may be allowed to use the space for the skip bin without permit. Make sure though that no part of the skip bin will rest on the street; otherwise, it can cause an obstruction to pedestrians and motorists. Furthermore, the waste generated must not pose a health hazard to the residents and environment.

You can save money, time and effort through skip hire in Northern Beaches because somebody else will be taking care of the rubbish that has been accumulated. All you need to do is hire a skip bin, fill it up with your rubbish and call the provider to send a truck to pick it up.