Useful Tips When Buying A MIG Welder

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Useful Tips When Buying A MIG Welder

Anyone who knows how to weld will tell you that there is a big difference between a cheap and expensive MIG welder. If you bought a MIG welder from a reputable online store, you will notice how easy it can be used unlike if the device was purchased for a relatively cheap amount from eBay. Do not just buy a MIG welder because it is cheap; decide according to what you will weld and how often you are going to use the device.

If you will take a look at the owner’s manual, you will find out that the manufacturer will generally claim that the device can weld high thicknesses. MIG welders vary in maximum amps, maximum steel thickness (butt weld) and maximum steel thickness (with V and root gap). Most of the small MIG welders have a minimum of 30 amps that can efficiently be used for 1.00mm sheet. It can also be used for 0.8mm steel but with a bit of care and technique. More experienced welders will use 20 or 25 amp minimum on 0.8mm steel.

You can find some cheap 100 amp welder with a minimum setting of 85 amps. You can use the welder for 1.5mm to 2mm steel but it will be useless for all other jobs. Most of the heavy-duty welders that are designed to run for 24 hours at 300 amps will not go below 40 amp minimum.

The quality of MIG welders have started to fall because many consumers still prefer the cheap ones. If you are DIY welder, you will do a better job with an expensive welder because they have better electronics and wire feed units. In the more expensive welder, wire feed is controlled automatically to suit the power. Another feature of the expensive welder is the good-sized wire feed motor and quality wire feed mechanism.

To gain your money’s worth, look for a MIG welder that was produced with the highest quality and offers more features and innovations when compared to similar products in the market. To make sure that you are confident with your purchase decision, look for a product that complies with the latest Australian Standards.