Volleyball Tournament Held In Phuket

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Volleyball Tournament Held In Phuket

One of the best things about travelling with kids is that you can easily book a family resort in Phuket that offers appropriate activities for their ages. There are many water sports in the island resort but one of the most common is beach volleyball. In the spirit of sports, a volleyball tournament was held in Phuket this week and it the event was hosted at Karon Beach. The game started at 8 in the morning of December 23. Phuket Beach Volleyball Club was responsible for organizing the event with a game category for men and women. The prize on the line was 18,000 baht.

The event lasted for two days. The first day, the competition was between the men’s teams and the finals were held the day after. The women’s teams, on the other hand, competed on the second day of the event.

According to YupaPhukrongploy, the director of the tournament, every team will have a chance to compete in two matches and every set will be 25 points. The format to be followed is double elimination in order to warm them up to their partner thus the seedings will be created. The seedings for every round will be determined by drawing using a hat.

Ms. Yupa used to be a player of the Thailand National Team and has been playing for professional tournament for 12 years before she decided to retire. She said that the goal of the tournament is for everyone to have fun but she will not tolerate players who do not follow the rules of the Phuket Beach Open.

She described the tourney and said that between each matches there will only a seven minutes gap. As the current match is about to end, the next team should be ready to take over after seven minutes.

They are not allowed to have an argument with the referee in any form. Red cards will be given for every sign of dissent starting at the first offense. For every first red car, the team will lose a single point. The second red card will result to a forfeited match while the third means that the tournament is already forfeited. Guests who are staying at a family resort in Phuket were able to witness the tournament.