What Accountants Should Prepare In 2018

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What Accountants Should Prepare In 2018

Changes are coming to the accounting profession and for some these can be a bit overwhelming. This is why a list has been provided for accountants to make sure their calendar is filled with important tasks, such as purchasing an insurance accountant, they should accomplish for the entire year.

For January, this should be composed of technologies and trends that are gaining attention but you have no knowledge about – it could be bitcoin, new business or complex tax. Make sure to devote time on each of the topics to know more about them until you have crossed out everything.

February is the month to dedicate in learning about the biggest technologies of 2018 – Artificial Intelligence and blockchain. This is important to know the impact on your firm as well as your clients. You should be able to explain things to your colleagues and clients once the month has ended.

March is for checking that the antivirus you have installed in your system is still up-to-date. If you have none, time to get one.

April is quite busy because of tax deadline so make sure you have a fixed schedule so you can go home by five together with your staff.

May is for taking note of the work you do for your clients but does not charge anything. This should be included in the invoice even if it has no fee so the clients know you are doing them.

June is finding out alternative processes that could have been applied to completed projects to make it easier and more efficient.

July is for giving your staff the day off every Friday and you as well by closing the entire office.

August should be invested in getting to know your clients and assess them.

September is for motivating a young person by sharing your love of accounting.

October should be dedicated in making something new in your office by paint or renovations.

November is encouraging your clients to refer you to other people by sending them an email about things you love in your role as an accountant.

For the last month, December, interview your best staff so you know how to retain them longer.

While these things are needed, an insurance accountant is just as important to make sure your firm is protected.