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Where Do Used Corrugated Boxes Go After Moving Is Completed?

December 7, 2017

When you are moving to the new home, one of the first things to take into account is moving boxes for sale to ensure that your stuff will arrive at the new destination without a scratch. Moving boxes are similar to ordinary shipping boxes when it comes to weight and quality but you have the option to choose thicker cardboard boxes for heavier packing. Stuff that needs special handling will be protected by bubble wraps and 100% recycled cardboard boxes.

A lot of cardboard boxes can be used for packing but after moving is completed, where do all the boxes go? The brown moving boxes that people usually refer to as cardboard boxes are actually corrugated boxes when you ask those people in the recycling industry. According to Julie Ketchum, representative for Waste Management, 30% of corrugated moving boxes are generated from recycling facilities. In Minnesota, a high percentage of corrugated boxes are recycled.

Once a home or business drops the corrugated box, the Waste Management facility of Northeast Minnesota sorts them out for recycling at the paper mill. At the Liberty Paper in Becker, the used moving boxes are placed in a large machine that looks like a blender with water to transform the solid material to slurry. Tape, glue and staples are removed from the pulp before the workers add the paper solution into the paper machine. The old and used corrugated box is generally made back into a 100% recycled moving box.

According to the Fibre Box Association, a trade association for the corrugated box industry, 93% of the used corrugated boxes that are thrown in the trash bins can be recycled. About a half is recycled into cardboard boxes with the other half recycled into paper or shipped abroad. Under the right conditions, the cardboard boxes can be recycled between six and seven times.

One of the best places to search for moving boxes for sale is online. Ordering is efficient and convenient. The cardboard boxes will be delivered immediately to your front door. There are also other packing supplies that make moving easier and less expensive like bubble wraps, furniture covers, marking pens and tape.