Win An Illustrated Map Of The World’s Top Diving Spots

November 15, 2017

Have yourself win a fabulous world scuba diving map! It’s a featured illustrated map that shows you the best dive spots of the world. There are about six maps to be given away but only if you win the upcoming draw.

Five of the offered maps include a rewritable chalkboard coating. It’s great to write down where you have dived and when, or you can emphasize which of the world-class diving spots you plan to go to next. You can use it as a souvenir for all the diving spots you have been to.

There’s also a museum-quality jumbo canvas print printed in a heavy cotton cloth to win. The measurement is 59x35in or 150x90cm priced at $140. It’s indeed a magnificent artwork to bring to your own home. Surely, it’s memorabilia of you winning the game.

The illustrated map features over 500 of the world’s top places to dive, plus details about the types of diving and what’s beneath the ocean water. From shark diving and the barracuda, to Baja California through Secca della Columbara in Italy, you can be invigorated on your next diving journey.

The illustrated map is done by hand, which was willfully conceptualized to perk your interest in traveling and diving. The drawings have been designed by Lars Seiffert, which is made of old-school style using pen and paper. Company “Awesome Maps” endearingly produced all these maps. So it’s really something worthwhile to have especially that you only get to dive a number of times in a year.

This is a free entry for all e-newsletter subscribers of SCUBA News. You can subscribe using, writing down as subject “World Dive Map Draw”. So hurry before it gets too late to join.

The e-newsletter Scuba news is released monthly with diving news and articles. The newsletter has no intention of sending a spam, but purely valid news. It aims to inform about the fabulous diving spots of the world.

Deadline for entries is on 30th June. Winners will be contacted by July, where you will directly receive an illustrated map. So wishing you all the best for the draw!