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WordPress Introducing Subscriptions

January 10, 2020

With millions of sites under their wing percolating millions of posts worth of content, WordPress is a massive platform. Naturally, many fight for the honor of being the best WordPress advertising plugin, as it means that there’s profit to be had.

The site hosting platform will now allow for subscriptions, increasing the sustainability of blogging to help out anyone hosting blogs on the platform, and allowing for more profit avenues on hosted sites. Mark Armstrong, Longreads founder and Editor at Automatic (WordPress’s parent company), says that subscriptions and memberships are a key method of monetizing sites in 2019, especially for smaller publishers, and businesses. The idea, he says was to create something simple that could be put into sites with ease. Armstrong even noted that the subscription model was first tested at Longreads.

He notes that they were responsible for initial testing, providing feedback, and the like. With Longreads having had a membership and subscription function since 2011, they had plenty of experience with these things, Armstrong explains.

The new product duplicate some functionality already seen in the past, like PayPay’s WordPress plug in, which is part of the trend of allowing creators to receive payments and build communities easily.  Armstrong says that they’re all supportive of other products that exist within the ecosystem WordPress ecosystem, even competing ones like Patreon. He says that those products serve slightly different needs and, consequently, audiences, and are thus available to all of the blogs on WordPress, even ones that don’t have payment models.

Armstrong explains that this new Recurring Payments feature for WordPress is more for local organizations looking to start their own fundraising membership programs, or someone who’s fresh on the platform and looking for a start. He explains that these people, who aren’t really on the radar for those in the running for best WordPress advertising plugin, are their core base, and are reliant on recurring payments for their operations.

Armstrong notes that WordPress and Longreads are always working to improve upon and develop their e-commerce offerings, so people should expect a lot more of the like in the future moving forward.